Saturday, February 27, 2010

The great Derek O'Brien quiz show!! Part 1

You see the's this guy called Derek O'Brien and he's always, like getting up in my business. First he gives me this dumb book called "Derek O'Brien's knowledge trek" and then I have to do all the stupid questions in it and then he's all like entering me in this scholarship thing and now my dad has to fill out this form. Plus he's so full of himself all like calling himself Asia's "best know quiz master"(sarcasm here). Seriously what is wrong with this guy?? So anyways just to demonstrate the stupidness of his stuff I will be hosting a 5 part quiz show featuring questions from the book. Just include your answer in your comment and no anonymous comments.No checking wiki and no googling/yahooing or any other cheating. Your time starts now.

What did Elishah Otis invent?

A Revolver
B Elevator
C I peeked! Kill me!
D Screw this! What's the point?!?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New post! (coming soon)

Allright I'm kinda busy studying for the exams so meanwhile just watch this video till I get the time to post a real post.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?
If I keep doing this maybe my blog will just become a page to display videos.

PS Are my video games preparing me??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boink! The almost epic poem by: me!

Ma'aming like spamming 
is very extremely badding.
But while ma'amers will cram
for their exam
spammers will only sell ham.
And Anshdeep will just say DAMN!

While Uzbekistan builds a tram
Sam snaps pictures with his cam
and now the crooks are on the lam.

When vegetarians receive spam
telling them to buy ham
they say: Crickey!
This is not funny!
So let us be!
While we eat ghee!
But the dietitians say:
"Please sir look, see
you cannot eat more ghee!
You will be too much fatty!"

"Ray AB
starts from Angle ZTD
and ends at line segment GC"
said the crook that was free.

The crook from "The Great Escape"
played Runescape
while wearing a cape
fastened with tape.
If you saw him you surely would gape!

This poem goes on and on.
I do not know from where does it spawn.
You must stop it while I mow the lawn!

The end! Full stop! No more!
Go away you big bore!
Don't make my ears sore!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

October 15!

I just discovered while thumbing through google doodles that I share a birthday with Mikhail Lermontov a russian romantic poet, painter and writer! Imagine that! I feel like I've won the galactic birthday lottery! Schoolchildren all over (russia maybe) know his name! Imagine when I tell my friends. He liked to paint landscapes and... oh I'm bored. Gotta take a shower now bye.