Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fart 3

All right lets cut the cheese BIG OOPSIE! Sorry I apologize for that horrible bit of potty humour so now lets cut to the chase and

Queeeestiooon!: In the film 'Castaway' what did Tom Hanks name his volleyball?

And Aaaaansweeeeaaar!: A Harry
                                        B Wilson
                                        C Um I dunno
                                        D Alright! Alright! I searched it! So sue me!


  1. C

    Your Dad.

    Hey, are you sure this is in your GK book? I don't remember it...

  2. I think it was Wilson. I'm not a big Tom Hanks fan and I don't even think I watched all the movie but Wilson is sticking with me.

  3. It's Wilson! I have watched this movie so many times. I wonder if he is alive, I mean Wilson.