Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part 2

OK first let me tell you that since yesterday was Holi and spring is coming I have changed the template which is from now on seasonal.
Now back to the quiz.

Q2 Fred Perry is from ________. (its a country)
A Sweden
D I would like to confess that I have resorted to "unconventional and possibly unfair" means. Please send a paddy wagon over to pick me up immediately.
E Who the hell is Fred Perry and why SHOULD I CARE???

Thank you and we'll return after these short messages.


  1. In the last quiz, anonymous castigated me for thinking outside the box. They even went so far as to bring my parentage into the mix.

    I would like to register a complaint with the management of this blog. I believe that the construction of this quiz is faulty. If I fill in the blank, none of the options are grammatically correct (e.g., F.P. is from Sweden country.).

    What gives?

  2. ok its fixed and you are not supposed to think outside of the box ITS MCQ!

  3. Oh. Well, OK. In that case, the answer is A. Sweden.

    But, of course, it depends on what Fred Perry you're talking about. You & I might be thinking of different Fred Perry's.

  4. A. Sweden

    Dado Bado

    but who is Fred Perry? In actual fact, I'm afraid I'm going to have to change my answer to E, which is certainly a true statement. Except, I prefer to say, "Who the HECK is Fred Perry?"

  5. It seems like the consensus is A but I am going to have to go with E. I am certain there are Fred Perrys in all three countries but since that is not one of the answers you must be referring to a specific Fred Perry.