Thursday, March 25, 2010

Part 4 of Derek O' Briens grand illegitimate questy quiz!

Hello and welcome back to the grand and awesome quiz of Derek O' Brien!!! Now that I have received the class 7 text books I will be asking questions from the doubly harder DEREK O' BRIEN's KNOWLEDGE TREK 7!!! (good thing it comes with an answer sheet or I would be dead!) Start!

This kingdom in the Andes mountain was created by the Quechua people in the 15th century. The empire extended from Ecuador to central Chile and Cuzco (not Cosco) was the capital city.
A Forgive me! I cheated!!
B Chile
C Aztec
D Inca
E Manchester United
F Who cares they are long dead and good riddance!


  1. I refuse to answer questions about civilizations who eat guinea pig.

  2. I also studied the Incas in 7th grade. What a long time ago for the Incas AND for my 7th grade year!

  3. Manchester United! Of course!

  4. I wavered between inca and aztec but I went to some Aztec ruins in Mexico so I am going to go with d) inca.